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We have a fine 2007 foal crop! ... go to our broodmare page.

Zigs Cowboy Magic

1997 Buckskin Mare AQHA #3561139
FQHR pending ABRA #14671
14.2 hands 1150 lbs


Open for 2008

Smokes Magic Silk Smoke El Poco Oro Poco Fennel
Sandy Sandstorm
Silk Button Lucky Hank
Brownie Buttons
Gay Oak Valentine Jay Bee Jag Jag
Jay Bees Best
Drifting Nite Drifting Sen
Nite Tide
Miss Cowboys Doc Docs Cowboy Doc Bar Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Brenda Sue Claude
Nancy B
Miss Poco Poo Poco Dek Poco Tivio
Miss Tinkaway Tinkys Espada
Dixie Sordan

Oscar's Lil Elegance

1997 Sorrel Mare 82%foundation
AQHA # 3567884  NFQHA# F0025134
15.2 hands 1350 lbs HYPP N/N


Open for 2008

Big Bad Oscar Mr Impressive Impressive Lucky Bar
Glamor Bars
Joak Easter Gal Joak
Aurora Gal
Tardys Big Ma Mu Tardy too Main's Leo Buck
Pretty Plush
Miss Katy Zero Remember Zero
Foxy Kate
Sage Lily Sage Seven Tri Seven B Seven
Misty Bo
Miss Peppy Cee Little Lucky
Peppy Girl
Dandy Toppsie Quincy Dan Mighty Bars
Leo Princess
Bobby Tops Brown Bob
Tony's Topsy

King's Oklahoma Gold

1999 Palomino Mare 97% foundation
AQHA #3796062  FQHR #3796062
PHBA #73555
14.1 hands 1250 lbs

Wimpy King


Foaled May 14th., 2007  "Willie" Sorrel Colt with Star and a Strip

Wimp's King Buck King Wimp King Zanaton
Wimpess Wimpy
King Ranch Mare
Miss Trace Sand Toby Sand Rasin Sand
Pratts Prissy
Trace Lake Lady Buck Stutson
Wild Cow Lady
Rashs Doc Slush Fund Rashs Doc Harlan Doc Harlan Doc's El Dorado
Countrina Sue
Urish Cider San Dee San
Decidely Yes
Slush Fund Forty Two Slush Fund Shot O'Gin
Sally Six
Texas V Bar Gray V Bar
Ramon's Sissy

Causin A Commotion

1988 Sorrel Mare 92% foundation
AQHA #2683465  FQHR #2683465
14.1 hands 950 lbs

Sonny Dee Bar


Foaled April 9th., 2007 "Rockette" Chestnut Filly 3 Stockings and a Star
Sonny Showcase Sonny Dee Bar Win Or Lose Mr Bar None
Lady Leo
Chiggers Baby Chigger
Sugar Foot M
Hilda San Two Two Eyed Jack Two  D Two
Triangle Tookie
Hilda San Leo San
Joe Hildreth H
Dudes Dainty Lady Smokey Poco Dude Smokey Duster Too Mr Duster Too
Poco Ashwood
Dude's Poco Tie Blondy's Dude
Miss Poco Tie
Buxom Breeze Isle Breeze Top Breeze
Treasure Isle
Blackburn Poco Eagle
Lula BelleD
Skippys Lil Dipper

2001 Bay Tobiano Mare APHA# 621,784
14.1 hands 950 lbs. HYPP N/N


Open for 2008

Drummin N Skippen Skip N To The Drum Obsessed To Impress Skip By Impress
Our Annie Robin
Dixie Valentine Dixie's War Drum
Eternals Mistress
Do A Little Skip Ill Do Scootin' Spook
Guess Ill Go
Splendid Skipper Skip The Bars
Run A Muks Lady
Oscars Lil Elegance Big Bad Oscar Mr. Impressive Impressive
Joak Easter Gal
Tardy's Big Ma Mu Tardy Too
Miss Katy Zero
Sage Lily Sage Seven Tri Seven
Miss Peppy Cee
Dandy Toppsie Quincy Dan
Bobby Tops
Yankee's King Fritz

2003 Bay Roan Tobiano Mare APHA # 00738687
14.1 hands  950 lbs.


Foaled May 15th., 2007 "Razzy" Strawberry Roan Filly a Star and 1 Sock
Tabascos Shy Yankee Tabasco Aforethought Intentionally
Painted Enough Painted Bright
Lady Chubby Reed
RGS Shy Dancer Dam Yankee Champagne Charlie
Lady Spotted Bars
Boxaro Twiggy Klebergs Clancy
Box V Shady Lady
Lady Cimmaron Tucker Teddy Bear Tucker Doc Tom Tucker Doc Bar
Tonette Tivio
Elevens Chex King Fritz
Queen Boo
Raylene Lady Docs Hodji Bar Docs Wapiti
Karie Reb Bars
Docs Raylene Docs Wapiti
Crazy Girl

Pokie Okie Princess

Black 94% Foundation Mare
 AQHA#2474626  FQHR#2474626
14.3 hands 1125 lbs


Working Horse



Prescription King Docs Prescription Doc Bar Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Jameen Tivio Poco Tivio
Kathleen King Hill King King
Nettie Hill
Rose Bo Hobo
Little Rose
Poco Okie Judy Willy's Poco Poco Willy Poco Bueno
Shady Dell
Jo Jo Reed Logan's Bobby Reed
I De Claire
Garzas 2 Beechnut Bob Pruney
Della Rose
Can Okie Pelican
Aliso Okie Gal

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